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"Pretty Girls Like Jukie Music" Hoodie

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Introducing "Pretty girls like Jukie Music" hoodie. With the statement proudly on the back: "Pretty girls like Jukie Music". It's an expression of your passion and unique -- and really great I might add -- taste in quality music. Snug, warm, and like a hug from your favorite Jukie song. This hoodie is designed for all; available in a range of sizes and colors ensuring that everyone can showcase their love for Jukie music and their distinctive style.

• Traceability:
- Weaving—Pakistan
- Dyeing—Pakistan
- Manufacturing—Pakistan
• Contains 0% recycled polyester
• Contains 0% dangerous substances

Size guide

  CHEST WIDTH (inches) LENGTH (inches)
S 20 27
M 21 28
L 23 29
XL 25 30
2XL 26 ½ 31
S 50.8 68.6
M 53.3 71.1
L 58.4 73.7
XL 63.5 76.2
2XL 67.3 78.7
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